Published on: February 7, 2014
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" Several employees who are experts on the WHO's influenza " swine flu " vaccine has received a grant to prepare a pharmaceutical company "
The World Health Organization ( WHO ) in May 2009 " swine flu " ( AH1N1 ) outbreak excessive exaggerated the degree of danger .

's " The Guardian" newspaper , quoting the report of the Council of Europe took place .
Deputy Chairman of the Council of Europe Health Committee report , prepared by British MP Paul Flynn . According to the report , people lose faith in the WHO 's recommendations can lead to serious consequences in the future .

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Paul Flynn told the newspaper that maintain the future of any serious epidemic disease . People on the recommendations of the WHO and other organizations believe and thus may pose a serious threat to health.

Paul Flynn said there was no transparency in the system of governance of WHO : WHO flu expert on a couple of the " swine flu" vaccines against flu, pharmaceutical companies prepared to take a significant amount of the grant . Their neutrality on the issue under question . At present credible evidence to substantiate the possibility can not be associated with WHO swine flu , and also put forward any document in this regard .

It should be noted that this report has been prepared on the recommendation of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe .
Health Committee held its first meeting in January of this year .

The meeting of European experts and members of the Health Committee of the WHO 's AH1N1 virus has sharply criticized the recommendations of the WHO, pharmaceutical companies , and the opinions expressed by the pressure of such a step . WHO scientific point of view, a number of decisions have been called into question . The final text of the report will be tabled in April of this year .


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